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Combo Pack: Racer/Drift x TRACTIONJOURNAL

Combo Pack: Racer/Drift x TRACTIONJOURNAL

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Document your racing history with TRACTIONJOURNAL. The interior pages include space for a track map and a checklist of items to pack for the day. Each track day entry is followed by open pages for notes that you see fitting, making the Racer Edition of the TRACTIONJOURNAL flexible enough for casual track day enthusiasts or serious competitors.

 Features in the Racer Edition:

  • Dot-grid for a rough sketch of the track; mark your trouble areas and make contextual notes with tips from friends in the pits to reference next time you're back
  • Ledger for recording notable laptimes
  • Alignment, aero, and suspension setting schematic
  • Weather conditions (temps and weather) that will impact your lap times
  • Racer-red elastic band for keeping your journal tidy
  • 120 total pages


These thoughtfully designed pages contain a unique framework for helping you prepare for the day, capture your setup, and document the forward progress you make at honing your craft. Never worry about forgetting your lap times or fastest passes with TRACTIONJOURNAL.

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