Competition Driver Support Program Application



WILDER DRIFT LLC is proud to announce our driver program for competition(1) drivers. The program is open to drivers through an application and approval process.

The driver program will provide approved applicants with extremely deep discounts on parts through our vast network of suppliers to help with their competition programs. Discounts and parts are non-transferrable or saleable.

  • • Approved drivers will be required to always have a total of 2 large WILDER DRIFT decals on the car and must be located on both sides of the vehicle.
    • Approved drivers will be sent a WILDER DRIFT welcome package including, but not limited to 1 WILDER DRIFT wearable, 2 large decals and a random assortment of WILDER DRIFT merchandise and information. (Items subject to availability and contents can be altered).
    • To place an order for parts, approved drivers will email the part numbers they are searching for with a unique code given upon acceptance to the program. An exact discount cannot be given as certain parts do not have the available mark up to provide a singular discount across the board. The price given will include any applicable shipping and taxes. There are no additional price adjustments available. Prices given are to remain discrete between WILDER DRIFT LLC and the approved parties. Anyone caught discussing prices or discounts will be removed from the program.
    • All drivers will be required to submit HI-RES photos of their vehicle showcasing the WILDER DRIFT decals provided. Images will be used on social media and website.

Approved drivers must maintain professionalism and integrity as you are now a representative of WILDER DRIFT LLC. Any approved driver caught not acting in accordance with these rules will be removed from the program and not allowed to apply again. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, slander, sexism, racism, bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia or any other negativity/cruelty towards any human being. Be decent.

*If you are a non-competition driver(2), please apply to our “Grassroots Driver Program” on

(1)Competition drivers are defined as such: Any driver that competes in any series(3) that offers any positional winning strategy. Any competition that offers a prize including but not limited to, trophies, Prospec licenses, cash prizes (any form of currency), monetary valued items, apparel, discounts, etc.

(2)Non-competition drivers are defined as such: Grassroots driver who does not compete in any drifting series(3)
that offers any prize described as: cash reward (any form of currency), trophy, Prospec licenses, company merchandise including, but not limited to, tires, parts, apparel, discounts, etc.

(3)Series is defined as such: Organized competitions that have either seasonal or lifelong points system established.

There are limited spots available. Applying does not automatically mean you have been accepted. The approval process will take many factors into consideration. Those factors include but are not limited to, competition experience, car appearance,
attitude, social media presence, passion for drifting, professionalism, willingness to grow the sport and community, etc.

If you think you are a good fit, please fill out the application form on
Thank you for your interest.

Click here for Grassroots Driver Application